Who Am I?

I am Renu ,the one behind all these "tried and tasted " recipes.Well, I will not call myself an expert cook but I love cooking.I have always been keen on trying out the not so regular recipes.When I cook I always want to try something different.I do make my regular dal chaawal,roti sabji etc but it is the other recipes which interest me more.When I feel dull I cook.When I am bored I cook.  When I  am happy   I cook.So I  cook for any reason!!!(there are days when i hate going into the kitchen and end up going though the " home delivery " menus!).Cooking gives me the high!!! :)

Born and brought up  in Kerala and married to a Delhiite , I consider myself a perfect mix of north and south.I call myself an example of national integration:).Its after marriage that i started trying out many recipes,otherwise it used to be an occasional venture into the kitchen to try out some recipe i foun don TV or in a magazine !!Navin (my hubby) and i  also  sailed together on ships and cooking was not priority!!.Since we were sailing , i could not take up a full time job so it gave me the much required time to spend in the kitchen.I am a recruitment consultant and was working from home but after relocation have stopped doing that too.Still an HR Manager though... home resource manager..!!!

Latest update:Blessed with a baby girl,Shanaya, on April 10th 2013.Hence again blogging takes  a back seat...

Other things i love- travelling, reading about the culture of different places( google is my friend),wanna try my hand in artificial jewellery (i love earings and have loads of them), shopping ,reading(though it had gone down in recent years, wud love to get back into that good habit again).... i loooovvvveeee cats and dogs....!!!Hmmm... thats it for the time being..

What will you find in here?

You will find a mix of different types of recipes here.(from ,swedish cakee, moroccan smoothies,egyotian duqqa  to our very own puttu,idli ,chutneys etc.)I keep trying new recipes.The trials can be from websites ,magazines and from the various food blogs(due credit given) and  some inventions of mine.I will also post the regular recipes that we all make on an everyday basis like idlis, dosas chutneys, puttu(This is for the people who belong to a different geographical zone !!) etc..though you may see more of baking recipes here.I love baking!!!!

I also want to mention one person who is the reason behind my blog, one of my closest buddies( a person whom i have never met personally),Arundhuti.She has been telling me to start a blog and finally i did!!! taddaaaaa.....and now I will not have to hunt for recipes when i need one , it will be just clicks away from me.

Please remember

I am not a professional cook.I have had no formal training .I am just a homemaker who is in search of  interesting recipes to lay on her dining table.I still give calls to my mom and grandmom to know the right way of doing things!!!

I have given due credit to all the recipes i have taken from other blogs and magazines.

I am still working on my photography skills so please do not expect exceptional and "wow" pics.. but i am trying my best with what i  can do with my point and shoot camera ,my canon ixus.(still discovering new possiblities in her, yes my camera is female!!)

I do not use many props and take very simple pics( i hope to improve though and i hope to use some props too :)

I am very new to the blogosphere .Though i started the blog almost a year back, have actively started blogging just a week month back .So i am still learning many  new things about blogging.Still to get the hang of it.

A lot of my time is spent in food related stuff- searching for recipes, reading about food, looking out  for meanings of ingredients i dont understand, checking out videos, reading food magazines, shopping for ingredients, actually making it and of course clicking pics!!!!!A lot of time and effort goes into each recipe posted here so will appreciate comments and encouragement from  all of you.Check it out and keep  visiting if  you like my blog.

 I will be more than happy if you try out any recipe.Do let me know how it  was and suggestions are always welcome.