Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dry Fruit Ice cream

Its getting very hot here in Cochin and so i decided to make something to cool it off..I took out my recipe cut outs from Malayalam magazines  and i zeroed in on this from Vanitha.So its ice cream today.

I scream ,U scream , We all scream for ice cream !!!! :) :) :)

Dry Fruit Ice cream

1)Milk -1 cup
2)Cream-1 Cup
3)Milkmaid-1 ½ tablespoon
5)Sugar-7 tablespoons
6)Cashewnuts,badam,pista,dates,raisins,(all chopped)-50gms each.

     If you are using unshelled pistachios then u will need 100 gms.


  •        Boil milk and milkmaid together.
  •         Add sugar to this ,followed by cornflour which is mixed in a little milk.Let it boil.
  •         When it thickens ,remove from stove and cool.
  •          Keep it in the freezer to set and then once set beat it with an egg beater.Beat very well.
  •       Again keep in freezer for half an hour.
  •        Then add cream,beat it and again freeze it.
  •      Once again after about half an hour or it is set remove from freezer,beat it and add the dry fruits.Now let it  set once again for the final time.

My tip: You may add any food colour of your choice to give the ice cream a color.This is totally optional.

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