Friday, 25 March 2011

An intro

So now I have my blog ready and very soon I will keep posting recipes  in it.
I love cooking and I am always  on the lookout for new recipes.I love experimenting. My guinea pig-My husband (90% of the times) and otherwise its my family.

My hubby dear has been a big reason for me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen..No no he is not  a big foodie but he loves new tastes .Me being a south indian and married to a north Indian,its always a mix and match of recipes from both ends. He definitely is  a big reason for my experiments and so he is my guinea pig!!So the recipes i post will be  the "tried and tasted " ones.

Here you  will find a mixed baggage of recipes and some useful tips  ..and I will try my best to post recipes regularly…

 Welcome to my kitchen!!!

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Renu. Looking forward to many delicious recipes from you. :)


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