Sunday, 11 March 2012

Microwave Nan Katais

Microwave Nan Kataais

Today being Sunday i was in a mood for some baking. I had initially zeroed in on  a cake recipe but then in the last minute i realised that i do not have eggs at home. Then  i decided to make something egg less ...

That's when i took out my old recipe book and started hunting for my nan kataai recipe and also referred a food blog i really love.( mentioned in source below)
Yipee.. managed to get it and so it was  Nan katai today.. well Microwave Nan Kataai.


Maida-3/4 cup
Powdered sugar -1/4 the cup
Ghee -1/3rd cup
Badam or cashew to garnish( optional.)


Mix all ingredients to form a soft dough which can be easily rolled in your hands.divide into small portion and roll into a ball and slightly flatten.( i flattened some to take the shape of cookies and some we re a little bigger like the original nan kataais)
Pre heat oven to 180 degrees and bake till done.I used an IFB microwave oven ,so baked it in convection mode for 6 minutes. When i took it out it was slightly soft but then became harder after a few minutes.
It was perfect ,neither too hard nor too soft.

I waited for  the MW oven  to cool before i kept the second set of nan kataais.I remember burning a full batch  of jam drop cookies when i baked  them immediately!!

I kept a badam on each kataai and then baked. You may use any nuts of your choice. I had lot of badams at home , hence i used those.
You can also add any flavour to the dough  cardamom, saffron, rose .. anything of ur choice. I love it without any flavour.

Recipe source: some book from where i had copied it many years back and this blog.

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