Thursday, 24 May 2012

back to blogging!!!

I did my disappearing act again... well this time it was relocation... relocated from Delhi to Dubai and finally its an end to the shuttling between places...

Dubai is our home ( for now!!)... one thing i am glad about is ... i have an electric oven in my kitchen which will let me do a lot of baking. Did not have the manual so was hunting for it i found it an dtried a cake in it. The top got slightly burnt but otherwise it was a yummmm cake...The other thing i am very very hapy about is ... we get baking supplies in teh normal supermarket and believe me you are spoilt for choice... in cochin and delhi it was not easy to find the stuff u wanted.... now i have everything easily available...:)

Since my hubby comes for lunch have also been doing a lot of regular normal cooking.. so tried out some other normal stuff too( i mean other than baking)

So hopefully i should be more regular and should be posting my long due recipes and cooking experiences..!!!

Massalaama for the time being...( massalama is bye in arabic)  :)

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