Monday, 4 June 2012

Coconut Rice

coconut rice- easy and quick coconut riceA new item on my menu!-coconut rice!!!:) Till yesterday i had never eaten coconut rice nor made it. But i had heard about it and had come across it in many cooking websites .But i never made it.Yesterday  2 Ls- Laziness and Leftover -made me do it.I was feeling lazy to make the normal rice ,curry , vegetable etc  and I had leftover rice in my fridge .So the laziness factor and leftover factor finally made me try  it and also the sudden flash of  grated coconut stashed away in my fridge!!
 I  found the coconut rice to be easy , quick and yummy.Of course it has a wonderful aroma too.The smell of slightly fried coconut  wafts from it and i  saw N sniffing as he came inside our apartment!!!!:)


Coconut oil-1 tbspn( can use refined oil  also )
Mustard seeds- 2tspn
Coriander seeds- 1tspn
Channa dal -2 tbspn
Peanuts- 1 tbspn
Split Urad Dal(split black gram) -1 tspn
Dried red chillies- 1or 2
Curry leaves- 1 stem
Coriander leaves- for garnish
Grated coconut-1/2 to 3/4 th cup
 Rice- 1 1/2 cups ( i used leftover rice the day before)
Sugar- 1 tspn (optional)
Salt to taste.
(these quantities are roughly what  i used. please adjust according to taste.There are no hard and fast rules)

coconut rice- easy and quick coconut rice


Soak chana dal for 10-15 minutes.
Heat a non stick pan and pour the oil into it.Then splutter the mustard seeds followed by coriander seeds ,dry red chillis,curry leaves,chana dal ,urad dal,peanuts  and cashewnuts.
Then add the grated coconut.Add in the sugar and salt . Mix well say for a minute( or till a nice aroma fills your kitchen and your apartment, floor....;) )
Add in the rice followed by dhania leaves.Mix well.

Your aromatic ,easy and quick coconut rice is ready to serve.
This is a very good lunch option for kids.

coconut rice- easy and quick coconut rice

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