Monday, 11 June 2012

Crunchy Potato Cheese Bites

Sudden  hunger pangs  in the evening resulted in  these very crunchy ,soft,(you know the melt in the mouth types!!) bites.

I used to make  normal cheese balls.. today while making i made some changes and i found that this was much better than my previous style of making cheese balls.So that recipe is out( unless i run out of cornflaked and i badly need to eat this) and this one is in!!!!

Ingredients( trying to give  arough estmate. honestly i dint measure any ingredient)

Potaoes-2( i took one big and one medium)
Cheese -abt 4 tablespoons grated( i used amul processed cheese..ya.. the one in the tin, have used teh cubes earlier)
Onion-1/2 of a mediom sized onion,finely chopped.
Salt- to taste
Pepper- Around 1 tspn( adjust according to your taste)
Cornflakes-say 7-8 tbspns( gave it 2-3 turns inmy blender)
Oil for deep frying


Boil the potatoes. Then mash the potatoes and mix in all other ingredients except cornflakes.

Roll into small balls ,flatten a little and coat them with cornflakes.

Heat the oil ( very well) and deep fry and take out into absorbent paper.

tastes yummy plain or with  tomato sauce!!

Other spices may be added but i dint want to complicate the flavours and did not want it tasting like tikki.
Dhania can be added, that will  give  a good taste. I dint have any:(

I tried rolling the bites in maida batter and then coating with cornflakes, but felt that the ones without maida were better.. why unecessarily add maida when it tastes good without it??!!! Left to you what you would like to do.


  1. I can surely do with a few of those right now...hehe. They look nice and crisoy :).
    And i just saw those garlic cilantro rolls....i am already dying to make those!

  2. This looks really delicious. so crunchy potatoes tikki. love it

  3. so crunchy looks like munching from plate/... following you..

  4. Yum, cheesy tater tots, love your recipe, Renu ! I love your space so much I nominated it for an award. Pls check out my blog and you'll get the details. Happy cooking, friend :))

  5. Renu Chechi,This one was a real superhit...We were 7 at home yesterday & it finished in no time. Your recipe was so simple, easy & TASTY. Maza aagaya, kal. Had it with Tartare sauce & it was YUMMY. Keep posting. A biggg hugggg for the delicious recipe..


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