Saturday, 9 June 2012

My first award...yeeeeeee!!!:)

Yessss... i have my first award and the minute i got the notiication on my mail... i was like .. how do you accept that !!!(Finally i figured out how to do it)

The award was given to me by Punitha of

Thank you sooo much  for this Sunshine award.It is a very encouraging thing for  a new and budding blogger like me.

Like the rule says i need to pass this award to my fellow blog-mates. I am passing it these fellow bloggers

Arundhuti of

Reshmi of

Mahimaa of

Nags of Edible Garden

Sawsan of

Some of you are very well known and established in the blog world and may already be having many mnay awards in your kitty but nominating you as my token of appreciation for the beautiful blogs you have:)

Five Facts About Myself

1)I am a libran and typical one at that .
2)I looovveee shopping( now instead of clothes i am looking for baking stuff and beautiful bowls;) )
3)There are some days when i hate to enter the kitchen.. yes those days when even making a normal  roti or chaawal is a biiiggg task for me!!
4)I am loving blogging and am actually hooked to it(and learning the new things in it)
5)I value friendships and relationships and am a very sincere  honest person!!(blowing my own trumpet..oh   yess!!!;) )

I was just doing a search on the sunshine award to know more about it and realised that it has gone thru some changes.. earlier it reqd answering some questions and also passing it to 10 people!!

Now i thought i will take those questions and put them down here too( hav eanswered them too

The questions are:

Favorite color: Difficult to decide between green and blue
Favorite number: 9
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Coffee
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
My Passion: Traveling,Baking
Favorite pattern: Hmmmm....geometric and floral( i told i am a typical libran -- indecisive)
Favorite Day of the Week: depends on my mood...heheheh..
Favorite Flower: Jasmine

(This was what used to be written before five facts about myself  and i think i like the questions!!!!)

Those carrying it forward may choose to write what they want,the questions or the facts!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your award..I am truly honored that you passed it to me..
    Loved knowing a little more about you :)
    thank you again for making my day


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