Monday, 25 June 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A totally unexpected award today.. well not that the other 2 awards were expected but this was from a blogger i dint know .. like i dont remember visting her blog.. so when she nominated me for teh versatile blogger award i was totally surprised.. A person from Australia had nominated me for an award... made my day... am sooooo happy.. thanks a lot nillawan.Her site is mostly about 30 minute meals and calorie counting recipes. .Its nice to go through her blog.She introduces us to her hens Betty and penny ...her pet parrot gus and she has a veggie patch too.. wow i admire you girl!!!Wanna check out some thai recipes, chinese recipes .. this is the place.. I found my pad thai recipe here.. am glad... :D

So this is the award this wonderful blogger nominated me for

Versatile Blogger Button

This award is shared with the top blogs  one follows.. i am exteeeemeeely happy to be in that list!!!

Now the rules of this award requires me to say 7 things about me..(hmm.. had listed 5 recently, will try to list some new stuff....mmmm... )

1) I am very tall according to indian standard -171 5'7" and 1/2.. and i am proud of that..I love my height honestly ;)

2)I am very emotional and sensitive.. i cry when i watch movies, i cry when i see  puppy videos... well its easy to make me cry!!!!and i get taht lump in my throat when i am emotional!!

3)I have  a loud voice and i am chatterbox!!! My dad and bro used to offer me money to make me keep my mouth shut for 10 minutes...!!!I dont rememeber getting that money ever!!!

4)If i am in a bad temper , better stay away from me.. i can actually explode!!!! Beware !!!

5)I loooooveee dogs and cats( i hope i have not written this before, i dont want to go and check it there , so i am assuming i have not written it)

6)I hate some shades of yellow.. most shades!!But my favourite fruit is the yellow fruit-Mango. ;)

7)I love wearing a saree.. my favourite... i am not getting a chance now !! i hope i get to wear a saree soon!!!
 ok that was easy.. actually one more point came into my mind.. but not writing it now!!!hehehhe...

Top 15 blogs..that is DIFFICULT... beimg relatively new here i am going to limit to 5.. sorry guys...15 just feels too long!!!! I am a lazy bum( that is not point 8(in teh ones listed above), its different)...the blogs are in no particluar order.. i have just gone in the  order of my reading list!!!

1)Amateur Perceptions- cakes,cookies,kerala recipes etc.. you find it all here.. wonderful pics and very neatly done recipes.. Last post i see was on may 19th.. whereever you are please come back to blogging an dpost more yummy recipes... that's a lovely blog!!

2)Blessings from My Kitchen one lovely blog from someone who belongs to my part of the world...Kerala!!! Oh yes.. i love that blog.. well written, great pics!! Check it out!!

3)Julie of Erivum Puliyum-  some different recipes.. kashmiri curried apples, replica of good day biscuits. pure grape wine,microwave besan laddoos... I am sure you will find something that interests you!!!

4)Flavours ..another great blog... lovely recipes.. awesome picture which make you drool, and  wonderfully written..going thru her blog is  a pleasure to the eyes!!!:) I love it...

5)Kaveri at palakkad chamayal  - check this for some yummy south indian recipes!!Some really yummy ones...:)

6)Foodmazaa-  Sindhi food is her speciality ,, but being well travelled and haing lived in different cuntries.. she also has recipes from other pasts of the world in her kitty .. Simple instructions and lovely recipes!!

7)Foodelicious- another interesting blog.... pls pls check out her braided corn coriander puff. i am trying that out in the next few days.... foodelicious.. delicious it is!!

8)PT- day to day recipes.. this is where you go cant always be baking cake and cookies..!! some grt south indian recipes.. gud ka sharbat???!! yes she has it there!!

Ok i said 5 .. bbut stopping at 8..

To other blogggers not listed here.. i have many many of you in my reading list!! i love your blogs too.... its just that listing 15 blogs is Difficult for me.. sorry for  being the lazy goose!!!I am in a bit of hurry today ..meeting my friend from college... and i HAD to post it today!!!

still i managed 8!!!  :)

So go ahead ,share it with your top blogs and let them know about it!!


  1. Thank you, girlie for those kind words! I didn't know I had a Kerala sister over here-well, with the kozhukottta comment I kinda understood. Love, this space of yours, Renu.

  2. Congrats Renu and thanks for remembering and sharing with me :)

  3. Congratulations on your award and Thank you so much for passing on the award to Flavours... it's really encouraging to be appreactiated.

    It was good to know more about you, some parts it felt like I was reading about myself, even my dad has to beg me to stop talking... I wish I was as tall as you... I'm just 5'3'' and in my husbands family all are taller than 5'6" and I'm always made fun of about my height.

  4. Congratulations on your award..wishing you many many more..
    Thanks for sharing it with me..I am really honoured !

  5. Congrats n keep rocking dear

  6. Congratulations on your award dear and thanks a lot for sharing it with me..


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