Sunday, 12 August 2012

Capsicum Rice

Whenever i go to supermarkets i am attracted to the  coloured capsicums..the red, yellow and orange.
Recently i got a mix pack. Four capsicums in all one green,one orange,one yellow and one deep red.. i picked it not thinking what i will make ..anyway most of the times its an on the spur of the moment decision .. so went ahead and bought it.somewhere deep inside my mind i had a capsicum rice spinning!!! :)

Capsicum rice

Capsicum has many names.. bell peppers,paprika,sweet pepper, chilli pepper,  depending on the species.In India we call it capsicum or shimla mirch in hindi.One website mentions the malayalam word for capsicum as kappal mulaku.(.which literally transates to ship chilly  :-??  !!!) no idea how that name came..normally everybody just uses the word capsicum..
I mostly make  a very simple side dish with capsicum but today wanted to use the varied colours to adorn my plate of rice.. thus this recipe

(i made for 2 people so the quantity of ingredients are less.. and close estimates)

 Basmati Rice- 1 cup
Onion-1/2  of a small onion
Red capsisum- 1/2 of one
Yellow capsicum- 1/2 of one
Carrot-1/2  a  medium sized carrot
Peas- roughly 1/4th cup
Pav bhaji masala-3 tbsp
Cilantro leaves/Dhania- 4-5 sprigs
Green chilli , ginger and garlic paste- 2tspns
Ghee or vegetable oil- 2tbsp
water- as reqd
small slice of lemon

Capsicum Rice

How i made it?

Chop the onions.Cut capsicum and carrot in small cubes.Boil the rice and keep aside.Chop dhania leaves.

Heat the ghee in a  wok.Add in the onions. Saute well.

Then add in the peas and carrots.Pour some water( very little) , so that the peas and carrot are boiled. Close with lid and cook.

When the peas and carrot are almost cooked add in the chopped  capsicum and mix very well.
 Add   salt and the pav bhaji masala.
Add in some dhania leaves and cover and cook  for a minute.

Now add the rice and mix well. Add in rest of the dhania and give it a good stir till the rice is coloured evenly.

Cover with lid and cook for another 2 minutes so that rice also gets all the flavour. Squeeze the lemon on the rice(optional).
Take off the stove and enjoy hot with some  raita/curry of your choice.

It has a wonderful aroma..great flavours.. and great colours and tasted yummy too.Try it out ... :)

Capsicum Rice


You can add  more spices..i just did not
I skipped haldi/turmeric  too.


  1. Love the recipe and the plating Renu
    I love colorful peppers too :) in arabic they are called felfel helo (sweet pepper)

  2. Love the plating! I have my own version of capsicum rice, but this one definitely looks a lot more colorful and tempting. Going to try it soon. Will let you know :)

  3. Great presentation & lovely recipe

  4. delicious rice and beautiful colour and presentation..

  5. very colorful rice. beautiful presentation

  6. How sweet :)

  7. i adore the heart presentation renu! it looks so pretty. my mom always used to say that we eat with our eyes first and trust me, just by looking at these pics, i can tell this rice would taste awesome! :P

  8. Chechi, your recipes never leave me disappointed :-).. Your recipes are so simple & so tasty. I tried this today & have sent you a pic on FB message.It was so tasty. Everyone loved it. Mannu will be on leave shortly & I now know, how to 'impress' him;-). Keep up the good work. Keep posting.


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