Thursday, 31 October 2013

Rava Laddoo

Rava laddoo/suji ladoo or the semolina laddoo is a very easy sweet to prepare.If you are looking for some last minute sweet preparations, then this is it... as easy as the Maladu which i posted a few days back.Very very tasty too..Kids will love it.. call it an energy booster for the kids..:)

A very popular laddoo made from semolina.

I  love rava laddoo.. i think you find this line in every sweet recipe of mine.. well that's because i have a sweet tooth and i lovvvvveeee sweets... the more the merrier.. :)..Unfortunately Navin does not like Rava laddoo so i do not make it often.If i make it i eat it.. yes i eat up the whole lot.. I hope some day he starts liking it...(mmm.. doubtful)..

Long time back in my pre blogging days i had tried vahchefs recipe.. this time i tried Lakshmi Nair's recipe. It came out tasty but i felt that i could reduce the ghee.. So i would suggest that you adjust the quantity of ghee accordingly.That much ghee should be enough which enable you to hold the rava together and roll into a laddoo..:).. I have decided to try various rava laddoo recipes... also one with coconut in it.. So you may find rava laddoo 1,2 3 and 4 may

I wanted to wait till the next time i make rava laddoo.. but i am a little going ahead and posting.. anyway my food blog is not just about sharing recipes but its also about sharing the experience..:)

Also known as sooji laddoo, is made during festivals from semolina


Rava/Suji/Semolina-1 1/2 cup
Ghee-1/2 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Green cardamom ,powdered-1/4tspn


Roast the semolina in 2 tbspn ghee till it turns a golden(light brown) colour.
Grind this roasted semolina along with sugar to a very fine powder.
Heat the rest of the ghee and fry cashew and kismis in it,
Now mix this hot ghee,along with kismis and cashew and cardamom powder into the semolina sugar powder.
Roll into small balls when the its slightly warm itself.It will harden a little after sometime.

Note:I did not measure the cashew and kismis.We love to bit into them and so  i just put a handful..No measuring:).

So enjoy these rava laddoos and have a wonderful Diwali !!

an easy and quick laddoo made from semolina.


  1. Rich ladoo....

  2. Very rich and tasty ladoos.Happy to follow you,please visit me and follow me back so that we can be touch

  3. My favourite dessert..........You made it perfectly.looks so tempting.


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