Sunday, 20 October 2013

Saying no the feeding bottle

Diwali is round the corner and i have many bookmarked recipes to try.. But am not sure whether i will be able to make many sweets this year as Shanaya has started solids and am busy trying out various baby food for her.. and also she has just started kneeling on all fours and in no time my baby will be  moving all around the house.. but still i hope to make at least 2 sweets at home..
Most likely  i will be coming up with some baby food recipes soon... simple but good for the baby. Am rather happy  with myself. My midwife had told me that if you can completely avoid the feeding bottle it is  a great achievement.I did get suggestions from many people to introduce the bottle asap.But I dint.Shanaya has completed 6 months and we did it without the bottle.Now i do not intend to start the bottle anyway.I feed her with the  spoon and later for liquids i will use the glass.. Am i not happy with myself??? oh yesss i am ... bottles mean extra job.. carrying them  around, sterilising them, heating them.. even otherwise your baby keeps you busy and if you have to do all this its a pain.At least it is  for me it is.My pediatrician aunt also was against bottles.. she told me that she had found germs even in sterilised bottles.Moreover i read about breast rejection and also about cavities forming as a result of using bottles. All this made my determination even stronger.I definitely have gto thank the mall developers for the feeding rooms in all malls.. and where there were no feeding rooms , the car is my feeding room.So its goodbye to bottles from my side.. and in the meanwhile am having fun trying different foods on Shanaya. She has taken well to apple, ragi and banana.I give oats too but she doesn't prefer it soo much. I am planning to mix it in with fruits and feed. I cook all this in water so there is no milk added.Anyways cow's milk is not for human babies its for the calves!!.Its a NO to store bought baby food also( till now at least:) )

Shanaya trying some ragi
So far so good.. so anyone has suggestion for baby food? am open to your suggestions.

I hope to blog soon, whether its baby food or Diwali recipe....
Chao till then...


  1. Hey good job. My son is 10 months now. I too never gave him bottle. life is so much easier. Just need to carry his food. You can start trying to feed her liquid in rounded glasses. My son has has picked up this habit. Though many a times his clothes also drink

  2. Awesome! I went straight to the cup too. Bottles are sooo not convenient. Easier to whip up your top and nurse your boy comfortably than sterlise and lug bottles and formula everywhere you go. I would love to help out with recipes. My son is 2 now and I now have quite the collection of recipes at But they are not all for babies. So if you need anything specific, just let me know. Will e-mail you the recipes.


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