Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cabbage Thoran

 a stir fry dish made from cabbage topped with freshly grated coconut

Well, today i did not try out anything special but decided to post a very simple and easy recipe,specially for the benefit of my non-mallu friends.Cabbage Thoran is  a dish which is made on a regular basis in Malayalee homes and is a part of our Sadya too.It finds its place in the wedding sadya as well as onam sadya.Very healthy and simple recipe.Served as a side dish to rice.This cabbage thoram also goes well with parathas ,though slightly dry.Leftover cannage thoran can be used to make stuffed parathas or cabbage parathas.


Coconut Oil- 2 tablespoons
Mustard seeds-1 teaspoon
Urad Dal(optional)-1 teaspoon
Curry Leaves-7-8 leaves
Green Chilli-2-3(according to your preference)
Cabbage,grated  -1(medium sized)
Turmeric powder-1/2 a teaspoon
Fresh grated coconut-5 tablespoons(can be increased according to preference)
Salt-As per taste

How i made it

Grate  or chop the cabbage finely..
Heat the coconut oil in a kadai or pan and  add in the mustard seeds.When the mustard seeds splutter add in urad dal,green chillies(slit into 2) ,curry leaves.Add in the grated cabbage.Mix well .
Add required amount of salt and turmeric powder .You can cover and cook (optional).Remember to keep the stove on sim if your pan /kadai is not non stick.
When the cabbage is cooked ,add the grated coconut into this and mix well. Keep it on stove for just another minute.
Your cabbage thoran is ready.

Note: I normally use coconut oil but any refined oil  will do.
Green chillies may be substituted by dry red chillies.
Some people also add red chilli powder to this ,though i personally do not add it.
The cabbage should not be over cooked.It does not take much time to get cooked.

Do check this out:

Do try this out and leave your comments.

a kerala style cabbage stirfry

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  1. Hi Renu,

    Thnx for this yum yet quick n easy to mk recipe.Tried it today. Added sm lemon juice(4-5drops) for a slightly tangy flavor and i believe it surely lifted up d taste of d dish for me !!

    Keep posting more !! Will b eagerly looking forward for sm more hassel free recipes from u !!:-))


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