Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dates Mysore Pak

This is not a recently tried recipe but one which i had tried  for last Diwali.Actually i had decided that i will make all sweets at home .I love dates and so i zeroed in on this dates mysore pak recipe from slightly modified the way i do it. I do it in almost the same fashion as 7 Cups

I absolutely love dates. Here in the winters people have  dry dates( chuare) in milk and i  used to love that.And i also love the dry dates in the diwali platter.
 I have also seen many recipes of date rolls,date puddings, etc ..Another dates recipe i tried was the dates cake(which i will be posting later).
But this mysore pak was an instant hit and so posting this first.
Now going to the Dates Mysore Pak.


Besan -1 cup
Sugar -2 cups
Dates-1/4 cup
Ghee -1 cup(original recipe uses butter which is melted)

How i made it

Cut the dates into small pieces after deseeding.
Heat sugar and bring to semithick consistency.
Mix the flour with ghee and dates.Slowly stir in mixture into sugar syrup to avoid lumps.
Keep stirring till the ghee starts to separate.
Grease tray and pour in.Let it cool. Cut into squares after it is set and solid.

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