Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cinnamonised Mango Lassi

Mango lassi with cinnamon flavour..that's what i mean... !!!;)

Many mango events  are going on in blogs and i had made  a Ripe Mango Kadhi .The same day with the leftover mango i made some lassi, but had not posted it though i took some pics.
Well to be honest i love the "fruit of the gods"( mango is also known like that ) as the raw fruit... ok i can take lassis and shakes too.. but mango icecreams, cake etc are not to my liking .I have a mango cheesecake in my " to try " recipes but postponing it!!

Then i came across another event and i decided to link this post  to Anu's Healthy Kitchen.This blog was hosting the event for foodelicious .

Difficult for me to quantify the exact amount of ingredients i used but this is how i made it

Ingredients (this is for one glass or may be slightly more)

Ripe mango pureed- almost a cup
Yoghurt-3-4 tbpsn
Sugar-2 tbsp( if mango is sweet ,omit this)
Powdered cardomom-a pinch
Powdered cinnamon- 2-3 pinches and for garnish
Ice cubes- 2


Mix all the ingredients together in blender till smooth.Garnish with cinnamon powder and serve!!Great for the Dubai heat:).

(I think that's the shortest recipe i have written till date!!!)

So my cinnamonised mango lassi goes to      


You may substitute yoghurt with milk and make it a shake.


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