Monday, 18 June 2012

Semato Rolls

Another of those names N and i came up with...!! I did a search on google and did not find any semato rolls though there was some company called semato tools... who cares??? There is no food item semato!!! :D
Anyway this is just one of those things which came to me while i was trying to  make something for my 4 pm coffee.

Oh forgot to tell u how we came up with that name?Well the rolls are made from potato and vermicilli.. We thought of combining both.. but vermato.. dint sound good so took semiya+potato.. and hence SEMATO rolls;)

I love potatoes in curries ,rice etc but N doesn't.So the only way potatoes get consumed in our house are by either making some  4 o clock snacks or an occassional aloo paratha or poori masala!!

I had come across a vermicilli( semiya) cutlet recipe in Women's era magazine a few months back ..the idea of this one came from there but then again i kept on adding ingredients i felt like. One major problem i face is if i make this  a second time there will be some difference.. either an additional ingredient or something missing!!! Before i forget its better i write it down ..otherwise i may put down.. version 1, version 2 etc!!!


Potato-1 1/2 cup boiled and mashed potato
Vermicillie(semiya) boiled and drained of excdess water-1/2 cup
Bread- 1 slice soaked in water and water squeezed out.
Finely chopped onions( optional)-1
Finely chopped coriander leaves- say 4 tbsp( actually according to your choice)
Red chilli powder-according to your preference.I used about 1 full tspn
Salt to taste
Garam masala powder-1 tsp
Lemon Juice-extracted from  a lemon( want it more tangy.. go ahead and add  a litlle more lemon juice)
Salt biscuit- powdered and enough to coat the rolls (optional)
Oil- for deep frying


Mix all the ingredients together and keep aside. Heat oil in a deep saucepan.When the oil is hot enough ,make cylindrical rolls from the potato semiya mixture and coat them in powdered salt biscuit and drop one by one into oil.
When they turn golden brown in colour take them out into an absorbent paper. Serve hot with tomato sauce, mayonnaise or green chutney.
When  you bite into them you get the spongy soft feel and the tanginess too.Sends the taste buds tickling!!!

Lovely evening snack.. in case you are the lucky few who are in Kerala now and are enjoying the monsoons there , then its the perfect snack .Imagine sitting in  your balcony( on a rainy day) on a swing or an easy chair with a book in your hand or your ipod and a coffee and these rolls.... ohhhh how i wish i was in Kerala.. Missing Cochin...!!!
I can only imagine that pleasure sitting far away in Dubai where the temperatures are rising everyday!!!!!


All ingredients can be increased or decreased according to your taste ( just take care that you have some binding factor though, the bread or the potato)
You can use green chillies instead of red chilli powder  ,it can be pepper also.
You may also try other variation like coriander powder or  chicken masala instead of garam masala.
You can prepare the mix and refrigerate it and take it and deep fry when you want.

Get creative , try different shapes!!:)


  1. very crispy.. perfect for evening snack.. in chennai, it is cloudy but no sign of rain :(

  2. Love the story of this Dish name... Looks interesting... will try this for my coffee..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  3. very innovative and the recipe name semato rolls is a nice combo of semya n potato...looks crispy too...

  4. Lovely rolls...These look very tempting...The name sure is very innovative

  5. Guys, It doesnt just look Yummy, It tastes YUMMY as well.. Its worth a try. Its just too simple & a very tasty recipe. Renu Chechi, mine was a super hit again & everyone at home loved it. Keep posting recipes like these.. A big hug...

  6. Hello Can u pleaee tell me Renu What type of Semiya did u use . Is it normal rosted ones . Don't we need to biol and add . This recipe is interesting . I have to try this one .

  7. Hi can use any kind of does not have to be roasted.. just in dubai i cud not get bambino had to buy some other thin kind of semiya.. but i know that bambino works well on this.. any semiya does..try it and et me know how it was:)


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