Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Custard Jam Drops

I made these cookies many days back  but somehow i kept delaying this post.

I have made these cookies many times and each time they  have come out well and are a sure shot hit :) . I have tried in the MW as well as Convection oven.. It comes out well in both modes!!
This cookie was introduced to me by my good friend Arundhuti. We have been very good friends since  2007 or so but we have never met.Hoping to meet soon. We will have  a lot of " food talk" and "dog talk " to do and of course the shopping, eating,etc etc etc

Thank you Aru for this wonderful recipe.

She blogs here but recently busy with other beautiful things in her of them being........yes,motherhood.She has been blessed with a beautiful cute little baby girl -Sia.I hope she comes back to the blogosphere soon.


Flour - 1 cup9 all purpose flour)
Custard Powder- 1/3 rd cup
Powdered sugar - 1/3 rd cup
baking powder- 1/2 tspn
butter- 1/2 cup
Vanilla Essence - 1/4 tspn
Milk- 2 tbspn
Mixed fruit jam 8-10 tbspn


Mix together baking powder and flour and keep aside.
Beat the butter and sugar till creamy.Add in the vanilla essence also.
Now add the custard powder and teh flour and knead well using the milk.
You will not need more than 2 tbsp.. it is perfect for this amount.
Roll into 16-18 small balls and flatten with your palm.
Now make  a small depression with your thumb in the centre and put in the mixed fruit jam,say 1/4th to 1/2 tspn
Keep the cookies on the  baking tray leaving half inch space on all sides of the cookie.
bake in oven preheated to 180C till golden colour.

for N

I sometimes skip the jam as N does not like the jam in it.
This time i rolled the flour and cut out different shapes in it- this was specially made for my friends son.He would eat each shape out of curiosity!!
I have tried the same recipe substituting the vanilla with butterscotch essence and that was also very tasty.

I skipped the baking powder once and the cookies turned a little darker than i wanted so would recommend that you  don't skip it.

I used the  vanilla custard powder ,you can give  a try with some other custard.Do let me know which flavour u used and how it came out.

I tried adding the jam after the cookies were made but it was just too sticky so would recommend adding jam before baking.

Tip: Please make sure that your baking sheet is completely cooled before you start the second batch of baking

try it out and let me know how it was.Simple , fast way of making a yummy cookie.They are awesome believe me.This tempts me to have one from my stock!!

So check it out and let me know!!


  1. Custard drops are looking so cute Renu..

  2. very cute looking cookies. like all those shapes..

  3. Cutee cookies in different shapes..loved the jam ones too,Renu:-)

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  4. cute n gorgeous cookies.....superb dear

  5. Yummy and cute looking cookies...

  6. first time to your space renu and thanks for all the lovely comments.

    the cookies with the jam are reminding me of the nankhatais. looking so good and delicious.

  7. These cookies look great... love those different shaped ones...


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