Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pudina Rice/(Mint flavoured rice)

Why did i make pudina rice??  :-?
 I actually have a truckload ,ok  2 ziploc medium size bags full of pudina leaves and I had to put them to good use.
N did not know that i had them in stock and bought more !!!! Now i am thinking of ways to use up all the Pudina.So it is going to be a pudina filled week ahead- mint and lemon juice, pudina chaas, pudina paratha,pudina chammanthi,pudina sandwich.. hmmm...what else can I think of… do let me know other options if u have!!


Basmati Rice-1 cup,soaked in water for 1/2 an hour)
Water-2 cups
Black cardamom-1(optional)
Mace- 1piece (optional)
Bay leaf-1
Cloves –4
Pepper corns 4-5
Cinnamon –1 inch piece or if using powder-1/2 tspn
Onion-1 finely chopped
Clarified butter/Ghee 2 tbspn
Salt to taste
2 tablespoons  broken cashew for garnish(fried in ghee )

To be ground to  paste
Pudina leaves(mint leaves)-almost 1 cup 
Grated fresh coconut- 1/4 th cup
Green chilli-1( according to your preference)
Garlic- 3big cloves
Ginger  an inch piece or say 1tablespoon chopped

How i made it?

Heat the ghee in a deep pan or kadai(wok).Put in cloves,pepper,black cardamom(open it),cinnamon stickand mace.Saute for 30 seconds.
Then put in the onion and mix well. If you are using cinnamon powder , you can tip it in now.
Let the onions become translucent.
Then add in the ground paste and mix well for a minute. ( I don’t make it a fine paste, just a course paste so that u can see very small bits of the mint leaves)
Next add in the rice.Stir well and pour the water.Adjust salt.
Close and let it boil.
Give it a stir in between so that the flavours are evenly spread.
When the water drains off completely and the rice is ready turn off the stove , garnish with fried cashewnuts and serve with raita of your choice.
I served with plain simple jeera raita garnished with ,y favourite ingredient-dhania leaves(cilantro).. sorry just can't do without that!!!!

To make jeera raita(cumin raita)
Beat 2-3 big spoons of curd with water(depending on how thick or thin you want the raita to be)
Add salt and roasted jeera powder.(I don’t use the packet cumin powder, I roast the cumin and crush it coarsely with my mini mortar and pestle)


My kadai(wok) was a non stick one and the rice came out extremely well without sticking to the pan or to each other.
Since it was cooked in with paste it had a good flavour.


  1. i love pudina rice.. its one of my fav..

  2. yummy rice with mint flavor .....the clicks are fabulous...

  3. Lovely colour and looks so flavourful..

  4. Hi Renu! first time here. you share a lovely space. glad to follow you. do visit mine when you find time.

  5. love the colour of the rice... I've never had mint rice, would love to try this. Bookmarked!

  6. mint-cilantro chutney? :D


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