Thursday, 21 June 2012

My first guest post -Nut Bolt Lime Rice

As i learn new things in the blogosphere i have my first guest post  published today.Lavanya of"Tickle your tastebuds and make your life delicious"  was inviting guest posts for a giveaway.I would not qualify for the giveaways but still wanted to send  in a recipe - Nut bolt lime rice.

There is a very special reason for this name and you can check it out on my post in her blog.Click here

Fortunately for me, i had tried a different lime rice and the same day i saw this guest i decided to send that particular recipe .Could 
I sat down to write it down and emailed it ASAP..Thank you for that Lavanya.
She also sent me this..thanks for this too:)

Check out my  guest post here and tell me what you think about it.You may leave your comment on the  guest post :)

Thank you.


  1. Congrats on your guest post Renu..Lovely lime rice:-)

    Ongoing Events at(Erivum Puliyum)-
    1. The Kerala Kitchen(June'12)

    2.EP Series-Basil OR Cardamom

  2. Colorful n tempting...looks delicious.My first time to ur space, already following u now..

  3. Just checked out your guest post... Awesome recipe... tempted to try it... It really is a nuts and bolts lime rice... :)

  4. Had already checked your guest post..
    Thanks for your lovely comments about Food Mazaa and following it..


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