Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nutella Shake

I looovveee Nutella... I love to have spoonfuls of Nutella but can't do that without feeling guilty... oh .. I don't want the scales tipping to the right!!!

I had some  whipping cream leftover from a black forest cake i had made recently( but the whipping cream would just not form was the powder one..) so i had kept it in the fridge thinking i may use it in some other recipe.

Today morning i opened the fridge and my eyes fell on the cream.. i shift my eyes from the fridge to the kitchen slab and i see Nutella... a bulb comes on in my brain and then there's no stopping me.
I take my blender mix these together pour in some milk.Blend it well and gulp it down.. thank god i left enough to click some pics.. and gulped down the rest later.!!!Like a small kid i licked the moustache  formed by this yummy tasty nutella shake!!! Some extra walking today..( to reduce my guilt )

But felt good !!!Sometimes  you should indulge  yourself !!! Life is for these little pleasures:)


Whipping cream( totally optional)-1/2 cup
Milk 1 cup
Nutella-2-3 tspn

Drinking chocolate for garnish( again optional)


Give it a good mix with your blender.Thats's it.Gulp it down.

By the way before clicking the pics i garnished it with drinking chocolate and when i had it later it tasted yummmmm!!!

wicked me.. did not share it with N.. can make it  again if  he wants !!!

Kids will love it!!! Pucca pucca!!! :)


  1. Replies
    1. try it PT.. it is yummy!!!literally gulped it dwn!!!

  2. Delicious Shake...btw, I'm an ardent fan of Nutella too...

  3. "Lipsmacking" is something that I just did after trying it. Chechi, it was awesome.. One easy thing to make. It was yummy!!!!

  4. Wow..


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