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Biscuit Custard Pudding

I have had a hectic weekend with guests everyday… I enjoyed the cooking(chole bhature,cookies,Chicken chettinad,Jeera rice,chole palak,Seekh kabab pulao…phew) and serving  part and also loved the compliments I got!! This custard pudding is a dish amma used to make and we just loved it !!Sweets are going to be the forbidden item for sometime so going back in time ..somethings about weight and nicknames.. calories... oh not a lecture on that just a mention of it!!!

Biscuit Custard Pudding

Now  I have told Navin that I may not do the regular cooking for  a day or so.. I need a break!! And how am I going to enjoy that break??

The temperature is rising day by day here and going for an evening walk is not an option any more..
Since going out is not an option in the hot Dubai weather… I am in no mood to roam around in the malls doing window shopping.. so I am going to be at home blogging,reading  and watching programs online!!!Ya I still do not have  at TV!!So i will have to restrict my cooking experiments to salads and healthy low fat food.. other wise by the end of this summer , the scales are going to tip to the right….NOOOOOOOO… cannot afford that…;)
I was a very very skinny girl while in school and being very tall only added to my skinny structure!! So I had many many nicknames… thotti( the long stick with which mangoes are plucked), skeleton,kolu( again stick) etc..During the rainy season whenever there were strong  winds  I used to get this warning” Renu hold on to the window bar or u will fly away”… yes I was that thin… but now I have put on a lot of weight  and do not fit into the skinny category  but have not gone  into the other extreme either..hahhaa… but I get the looks which says ‘ don’t have that chocolate’,’don’t have that cake..its calorie loaded"’.. and having a model as a brother is another biggggggg trouble..  everythig on the table gets converted into calories..he once put me on a cauliflower diet.. yes cauliflower has negative calories so  my main food consisted of steamed cauliflower!!!yuckkkkk!!!! I gave up within a few days.. I need my daily dose of sweet.. I am not stopping that .. ok will think about it if I become diabetic..  and N is no better.. he also gives me those stares and lectures!!
Now I have got a warning from Navin that I should not make any more sweets( thanks to one brother in law who came from India, we recd a packet of homemade sweets  and also store bought) one of the guests  bought 10 big huge rasagullas.. so our fridge is well stocked with sweets.. so after posting this custard pudding I am going to give  a gap for sweets and cakes.. going to try salads and other healthy options.. I think sweet is going to take the shape of  fruits and fruit juice….!!!
So thanks to all the sweets piled up in my refrigerator, I am posting this pudding recipe.. and the next sweet recipe will come after a while or I hope so … chuckle!!!

Biscuit Custard Pudding

There are certain dishes which kindle all the chilhood memories.This is one such dish for me.. amma used to make this quiet often and it used to be a big hit in our family.. it used to just disappear in minutes!!We would get very impatient when the custard was kept in the fridge.. we would run to amma and ask " aayo amma??"(meaning is it ready amma?) and we used to do this every half an hour or so....amma would say no it is not ready as she wanted us to eat it only after our main dinner was over!! Otherwise we woud just eat the pudding and not have our food!! So here is my amma's pudding recipe.. missing my amma in this far away land though i chat with her on skype for almost an hour everyday..:)

Simple easy .. yet tasty and different cos of the coffee flavour!!Ready in almost 15 minutes!!!(cooling time excluded)

Sending this recipe to   this event of gayathri's cookspot event hosted by Sizzling tastebuds

Ingredients :

Vanilla custard-2 tbspn(You can follow the instruction on the packet to make the custard.I will explain mine in the method below)
Milk-1/2 litre
Sugar- 2tbspn(increase if you want more sweet)
Marie Biscuits- around 15( depending on the dish which you take to set the custard.I took a rectangular dish which was abt 15-20 cm long and abt 8-10 cm broad)
Coffee powder- 1/2 to 1 tspn
Hot water –1/4th cup
Cashewnuts ( for garnish) ( I fried the cashew in ghee)

Biscuit Custard Pudding


Mix the coffee powder  in hot water and keep aside. If you want the flavour of coffee to be strong you can add more coffee powder.
Make the custard.My packet said. Mix 2 tablespoon of milk,custard powder and sugar ( each ) and blend well. Bring the  1/2 litre of milk to boil and when the milk is about to boil , add in the blended custard mix and stir till desired thickness.Let this cool.
In the meanwhile layer a dish with marie biscuits dipped in coffee.The biscuits should just become soft and should not break..I  made 2 layers of biscuits. Then pour the cooled custard on top of this layer. Garnish with   cashewnuts and cherries( I dint have cherries in stock so just garnished with cashew)
Let it cool in the refrigerator( no need to freeze).You may cover it with cling film .
Just take out right before serving.
Your cofffee flavoured biscuit custard pudding is ready.

For the custard follow the instruction on the packet.
You can use other biscuits also.Next I want to try with lady finger biscuits.. yes the one which  is used in tiramisu.
Sugar and coffee may be adjusted accoring to your preference.

Give it a try and let me know:)


  1. Yumm pudding and a yummy post too........... what u said is so true ..some dishes floods u with memories even when we dont get the taste right ......and believe me they r dishes cooked with Love :)

  2. I loved reading your post Renu. I hate those comments, don't eat that cake or do you know how many calories are in this or that !
    I think this is a wonderful dessert and what makes it even better are the memories

  3. Enjoyed your post Renu.Very much happy for you.My children do the same just as you wrote...they love sweets and in between their play they come in to check...."kayinjo amme","ready aayo amme"..

  4. liked reading your post :) my husband is thin and i give him those lectures.. BTW.. sweets are my weakness also but thank god no one stops me..
    i liked the color of pudding.. very well presented..

  5. thank u julie and beena... Beena i am glad u enjoyed the post.. try this out.. ur kids may love it...
    PT, u can make more sweets then since ur husband is thin.. but now the health factor is always there... try this.. let me know if u like it :)

  6. Nice post Renu and great to know something more about you.... the skinny girl :)

  7. Renu... I have skinny friends whom everyone use to make fun of by saying stuff like that and I use to tell them you should come up North girls will die to have a figure like you. I've been on the heavier side always but off late have tined down a bit due to Yoga and stuff but giving up sweets have been out of question.

    This is like the Faux tiramisu I made just that the custard is different. I would love to try this as I can use almond milk instead of milk. It's easier to try instead of finding a vegan substitute for mascarpone.

    About your question on the wheat flour I used for the cakes is just regular whole wheat chappati flour, well that's all we get here in Kerala till now. But if you get whole wheat pastry flour there in Dubai, I think it will give better results... I'm not saying out of experience but I've read that many people use whole wheat pastry flour for baking. If you try it please let me know how it turned out for you...

  8. thanks for sharing your amma's recipe. was wondering how you got such a beautiful yellow colored custard. the indian brands make pale creamish custard.

  9. thank u anisha,dassana and amria for ur lovely comments...

  10. Hi Renu,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, that was very kind of you.
    Blogging is my choice too when I have free time for myself and no TV is the best option for one's lifestyle, in my opinion.

    Great recipe, thanks for sharing.


  11. Renu Chechi, I can see that there was lots happening here in the past fortnight.Cool!! Your blog looks too attractive from the last time I visited it.Your presentation is really commendable. Good work,chechi.

    Ohk!! As always, I have tried this recipe also. It was really really yummy. Have sent you a pic. Do check. By the way, your pancake & crunchy potatoes are doing great rounds here. I have mastered in cooking these:-) keep posting. Loads of love.

  12. Yumm!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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