Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pudina Jeera Chaas/Mint and Cumin flavoured chaas

How can i forget the pudina chaas.. well i forgot posting it but had not forgotten to use my excess supply of mint leaves for this!!

N prefers the south indian Sambhaaram but these days he seems to have got a little tired of it so entry the pudhina jeera chaas.. i love both ..!!

Mint and yoghurt both cool you for summers.. and what better drink to cool  you down in the blazing summers of this desert country..

Again there is no fixed quantity of ingredients.. rough estimates again...

Ingredients i used for making 2 glasses

Laban- 1/2 glass or if you are using yoghurt 1/2 cup ( increase according to desired consistency)
Water-1 and 1/2 glass
Mint leaves- 2-3 sprigs
Roasted jeera- 1 tbspn
Salt - to taste

Blend all ingredients together. You may add ice if required.
That's it. Pour into a glass and help yourself.. yes and give that lick ..the ones kids do when they have  a tasty drink.. i still do it  for my sambhaaram/chaas!!
And if you have the patience you may garnish with a little more of the roasted jeera!!

It is a refreshing feel as the chaas goes down your throat.
We definitely have it after our walk in the evening!!! My fave drink...healthy too !!!

Sending it to the two events below!!

   at Sumees Culinary Bites

Denny's and Krithi's Kitchen


  1. its excellent.. like the presentation..

  2. ummm.. I love the pudina added to anything.. it somehow gives freshness to it, isn't it.. Thnx for linking up..

  3. nice addition to chhas.. refreshing one

  4. Never tried this. Lovely clicks Renu.

  5. finally you posted the pudina chaas... in fact i also like the south indian and this mint version of the chaas.

  6. Wow! What a refrseshing drink and it's perfect for these crazy hot days we are having here in chicago :)


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