Thursday, 19 July 2012

Change..Change of Title

The only thing constant is change.. we have heard this many times and experienced it too..the minute we think stability has come…Bang!! There comes a change!!I love change..

I get bored of seeing the same thing again and again..using the same things again and again…I don’t like to use the same toothpaste or soap or creams(thank god I do not have sensitive skin!!)..I  wear everything from jeans to salwar suits to sarees to skirts.. etc etc..I do not like to eat the same type of food again and again( u know y I  have those recipes from different parts )..and I also get tired of seeing my same display pic again and again...hence I change my FB display pic and my google display pic often…you can expect changes in my blog also often.. (this will be evident to my blogger friends soon)…thank god I don’t get tired of people…N does not have to worry!!!

Anyway why am I  writing all this… well as is normal( for me) I wanted to change the blog name.. Foodigest was something I came up without much thinking… I cannot change my URL but I can change my title..Yipeeee!!! I have been thinking of some names  … when I was discussing this with my friend and asked suggestion to N, he started singing  “It’s my Spice” in the “It’s my life” tune(I had suggested a name with the word spice)…and Bingo!! We had the name!!So my header will now be  ‘It’s my Space  …Spice!’ and my pics will carry the name" Yummyliciously Yours"..i just love that name..!!!
I want to add some pics to it but that will be done later!!

Wanted to add a recipe ... but too lazy to do write  a whole post I will update this post later .. but I cannot hold the name change and so here is the update..

Let me know what u think… I will be happy!! 

Updated: I just realised that the URL can also be changed.. i changed it.. God knows what all confusions are going to happen because of that... i may revert to the old name.. stay with the same... let me see.. expect some Changes again!!!!


  1. it looks great :) good name..

  2. Change is good... I like it... It means growth and learning... :)

  3. Hello Renu, I love the new name :) Looking forward to your new and upcoming posts

  4. Love ur spicy space Renu...lovely , good wishes dear!

  5. Please collect your award from my space @ ""


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