Sunday, 1 July 2012

Masala /Khara Biscuits

Despite being in Dubai and visiting supermarkets at least twice a week( that's become my favourite outing and hobby) i resist my temptation to load up on goodies.Going into a supermarket lifts my mood.. dangerous sign???!!!If i am tempted to buy anything and everything off the shelf.. yes,it is a dangerous hobby.. But sometimes i make it a point to carry a list and do not go elsewhere!!! Well that's the best i can do to stop myself from buying unneccesary things!!
So shouldn't i be getting  a pat on my back for not stocking up on the different varieties of cookies, biscuits, cakes and other goodies?? Honestly I don't buy any.I think" i make them, then why should i buy them".It feels good to offer homemade goodies when you have guests at home and they go " You made these?? wow!!How did u do it?"
N took some cookies to his office and somebody ( a poor soul not introduced to the art of baking) said," how can these be made at home?" i was smiling from ear to ear!!!! :)

So i decided to stock up on something " not sweet " as people are conscious  about their sugar intake.So i decided to make something with salt.. a salt biscuit or something..
I checked out a few recipes here and there and finally decided on these  Khara biscuits from Sharmis Passions.I substituted the butter with refined oil and some other changes here and there(sha had suggested a few)

Ingredients i used:

All purpose flour- 1 cup
Refined oil- 4 tbsp
White sesame seeds-1tbspn
Curry Leaves- few cut into small pieces
Mint leaves- Cut into small pieces
Coriander leaves- cut into small pieces
Ajwain(carom seeds/bishop's weed))-1tspn
Salt- to suit your taste
Sugar-1/2 tspn
Milk-6tbsp(original recipe used 4tbsp,adjust according to the dough used)


Preheat oven to 180 C
Mix oil and flour well till the oil in completely absorbed.
Then add in all other ingredients and knead into a stiff dough ( like chapathi dough)
Flour a surface and roll out the dough into a sheet of 1/4th inch thickness and cut out desired shapes.
I used a small round cutter to make the miniature ones and the lid of my baking powder to cut the biggger ones.
You may prick holes on the biscuits with the fork to avoid any rise.
I did not do this ,still my biscuits did not rise...
Bake  for about 15-20 minutes till teh biscuit gets a light brown colour.Cool on wire rack and store in airtight containers.
When taken out from oven they slightly soft but will become crispy after cooling down.


Original recipe used butter , i substituted with oil
I omitted the green chillies and added Ajwain and mint leaves extra.
You may also add any other seeds of your choice and give a twist.
The black or white sesame seeds can be used ,i had only white.

My miniature version

Good with your evening tea or coffee!!


  1. Super crunchy biscuits Renu, perfectly done....

  2. I had a nice time reading this post Renu! Lovely clicks!

  3. ha very very crispy and crunchy..

  4. Hmmm Yummm! This reminds me I got to make some.. will try your version..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!


  6. Lovely masala biscuits,I had posted this recipe sometime back..crisp ones,Renu:-)
    Erivum Puliyum

  7. I love visits to the supermarket too ;)) I've never tried these savories, must make them now ;)) My awards post is up ( at last, right?) Thanks much , friend.

  8. do try them... i liked it a lot ..making a bigger batch soon...:)tisachecking your award post soon..:)thanks for letting me know

  9. These sounds like savoury shortbread! Sounds delicious! I've bookmarked this recipe!

  10. biscuits are looking good. i also love visiting supermarkets but usually carry my own list.

    1. thank you dassana.. i tried one of your recipes today.. will let u know when i blog abt it

  11. Perfect snacker during tea time...

  12. ha ha supermarket addiction is crazy.. My husband hates it coz I wander around like a lost kid looking around at all the stuff while the poor guy has to wait. I do that even when I have a list. I kind of like to check out what's new on the shelf.

    These biscuits are a great idea. Tempted to try it.

    1. tell me abt it anisha... N hates coming with me to the supermarket .. he says" tum bahut zyaada waqt laga deti ho"!!! hehehehe...

  13. hey .. i tried out the recipe n it cam out very well ! loved it .. only wudnt mind it a more crnchy ... how to make dem crunchy ?? add bakin soda ??


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