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Kladdkaka and Fooderati Arabia

Everywhere in blogosphere specially the Singapore bloggers I read about bloggers getting together having a good time.And I wondered..Is there  a blogger group in Dubai? I checked out many blogs specially hunting for those in Dubai but not many..Having just moved to Dubai and so far away from home I was on the lookout for some   people with whom I would share some common interest/passion/hobby....and then I saw this group Fooderati Arabia.. Did not understand much initially but then later, almost a week back ,I sent a request on their page to join the group.Within a day I got a reply from Arva Ahmed that they wanted my blog address to review the my blog. I sent it to them.I was thinking.. “oh, I just started blogging and I don’t write flowery language.. my blog is simple.. not extraordinary photos.. will they reject me??Did I decide to join the group too fast??Is my blog attracive enough? Are the pictures good??ete…etc..etc…”
Anyway I left the matter there ..and then later I received notification that my request has been approved .. I was very happy .. was not thinking beyond that.I checked the FooderatiArabia page and there was a surprise there.. a real big one.. Arva had written an intro of my blog there.You  may have no idea what a biiiigggg boost it was for me.. my confidence …Following her post  were many people who had immediately and warmly welcomed me  to their group… I felt at home.. and happy and excited … suddenly it was like there was a lot of activity going on… I had to share this… I uploaded it as my FB status.. yeah.. I had to share my excitement and the acceptance that my teeny weeny blog had got!!! I felt great.. :d
I am yet to understand the working of the Fooderati group but I am following their  posts on FB so that I will also fall in place  as one among them.. the foodies of Dubai.. I will also merge among some of them and may be make  a few good foodie friends…
I just thought I will share this with my blogger friends…

Now this is the intro that was given on Fooderati..( it just feels I had to share it here too ;)  ..yeahh… blowing my own trumpet)

“ She claims she's no professional cook. Yet, her blog has recipes that will have you craving masala biscuits at 10 in the morning, pudina (mint) rice by 10.15, custard jam drops by 10.25, sweet and sour coconutty mango kalan curry by 10.40...
And by the time its 11.00, you have to shove a sock in your mouth to avoid leaving unappetizing drool stains on your keyboard.
But no, she's no professional cook. What she does is research up ingredients, looks through a ton of mags, reads, reads, reads, and tests everything out in her kitchen before she posts up a recipe.
But nope, not a pro cook, not her.
Once you're past recipe #30, reading about butterscotch cookies or South Indian sambar, you can't help but wonder...what again makes a professional cook?
Renu , professional cook or not, you've got us hungry to try your recipes, and in the world of food, that's one of the most awesome qualities of a star chef! We're excited to have a talented recipe blogger like you in our midst, keep up the great research, ingredient hunting, and recipe experimenting - we'll be here to drool away in support!
Welcome to Fooderati Arabia Renu, your blog, Renu's Foodigest will feel right at home with the foodie talent here!”
I wanted to post this earlier  but I wanted share this along with some sweet /dessert recipe.. We Indians celebrate  everything with a sweet..You know the Munh meetha karo thing… my roman hindi spelling may be wrong ;) I wanted this to be no different…So I waited till I made this Cake..The Kladkakka( aka gooey cake,chocolate mud cake)
Thank you fooderati (the blog as a whole and  every fooderati member)for boosting my confidence and motivating me to do better…After checking out many of the fooderati blogs I feel “one day I want my blog to be as good as that”..I hope  to do that .. I am working hard to make my blog better..better recipes, better pics… So a new chapter in blogosphere  journey.. :)

Now going to the Kladdkaka( I love this name)

The name is the reason which drew me to the cake. This recipe is from Five Euro Food.I  don’t remember how i ended up on this blog but I am very glad I stumbled upon it!!I was checking out a few recipes and this name caught my attention..I checked out the recipe and it was a very very simple one.. and it said  non fail Swedish Cake …I had to try it…
And I did!!

A very quick cake..charles calls in lightning fast and yes it is … ready  within 40 minutes or so..start to finish..u require only one bowl .. no need of the mixer.. your hand is good enough… easy.. there was no mess to clear up after the cake was made!!! Only the yummy sticky chocolatey cake to treat yourself to.. it’s a little like the brownie but more sticky and soft in side.. and if you have plain vanilla icecream at home…mmmmmm.. that’t it.. yummy combination.. Microwave for 10 sec  and eat it with the icecream… I don’t have vanilla icecream in stock.. had it plain but still looovvvedddd it… whipped cream on top is also a recommened option and that’s how I suppose its sold in Sweden.
I dint have vanilla sugar and caster sugar in stock so I  used substitutes.. will mention it in the list!!

Ingredients I used
Powdered sugar –200gms( original recipe used caster sugar)
Plain flour/maida- 140 gms
Cocoa powder- 50 gms
Baking powder-2 tspns
Vanilla essence-2 to  2 and 1/2 tspn(original recipe uses vanilla sugar- 2tspns)

Preheat oven to 175C.
Blend all the dry ingredients togethr i.e. sugar,flour,cocoa, baking powder (and vanilla sugar if you are using it)
Then melt the butter in the microwave or a pan and add to this .I added the vanilla essence along with this.Mix well WITH HAND.
Add in the 2 eggs and mix well until well combined.
Pour    spoon (you cannot pour cos it is a thick batter.. a very thick batter) into greased  20cm round tin and smooth out to the edges.
Bake for about 25 minutes.Please take care not to overbake as the inside is supposed to be gooey and sticky.It’s a gooey cake !!
Serve plain, with  vanilla icecream or topped with whipped cream!!!

Note :   Please do not use mixer..just use your hand power!
Take care not to overbake.. I have a doubt I overbaked mine.. cos the crust developed cracks  but fortunately the inside was gooey.. I has a crunchy top, gooey inside.. which was absolutely delicious!!
Tip from Charles:
If the tin has a tendency to stick, consider lining the bottom with greaseproof paper as well.
Enjoy!! Let me know if you try this out!!
Highly Recommended!!! :)

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  1. Nice post and well done on being accepted to the group. Here is a link to a lady who also lives in Dubai, might be an idea to email her Ginger & Scotch fab recipes on her site, check them out.

  2. This looks awesome and tempting.It's completely a new recipe to me.Thanks.
    Nice meeting you.
    Thanks for dropping in so that I could find you.
    see you.

  3. very spongy.. yummy yum..

  4. Mmmm...soooper moist & tasty..excellent cliks
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Renu Easy and Good recipe.....Gone to my to do list. will let you know after trying it out.
    Congrats that to got into fooderati Arabia.....I too joined in it but it was my old fb account so now i dont get any updates :(.....will try registering with my new accnt.

  6. Awesome cake and really an exotic name for a cake..
    would love to try it.

  7. Yum yum yum!!!!! Looks AH-Mazing!!! I loved the recipe…drooling over the pictures. Loved the presentation!

  8. The cake looks fabulous. Thanx for stopping by my space Renu :) Regarding query about Vattayappam, I added cooked raw rice. You can add the regular rice which you use daily.Keep visiting my space :)

  9. Glad to know that you got accepted by the group. Awesome review of your blog by them. It's great to know people who share same interests in your city. I have a hard time with that here. People who share my interests are there but very few bloggers or very few people who are even active on the internet.

    I love gooey cakes... I guess that's coz I love having cake batter. This one looks great and isn't it good to bite into the crust and then feel the goeeiness...

  10. Renu, I tried this Kladdkaka the same day itself. It came out so well and everybody liked it very much. I wanted share the happiness the same day itself but couldn't be active in blogging after that. Really BC with the kids :)

    I will be posting it after my break by sharing the link with your space. Thanx a lot for sharing such a fabulous recipe.....Will visit u regularly after EID


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