Monday, 9 July 2012

Moroccan Avocado Citrus Smoothie

That's a hattrick.!!Unintentionally i have posted or rather am posting the third "foreign" recipe in a row. The Egyptian Duqqa,Swedish  Kladdkaka and now the Moroccan smoothie. Well, not a thought out action.Actually have been thinking of some Emirati recipe but ended up with these.I have promised myself to make an Emirati dish and  soon too!!
I bought an Avocado , yes one avocado for trial and i had to do something with it !!
Avocodaos not very easily found in India.. well I don’t remember tasting an avocado till today. I just knew one thing about Avocado.. it was that they should not be fed to lovebirds..!!! Other than  that nothing..So it was obvious that I would take the help of my good friend google to know more about it!!Among many other things, Wikipedia says that in India and specially in the coastal regions of Kerala and Karnataka Avocado is  frequently used in milk shakes  or added to icecream and desserts!!!! Being a Keralite how did  I miss this fruit!!?????may be cos it went  into the shakes..can’t blame me!!!

Did you know that avocado is also known as alligator pear??I dint.It is also very high in fat but the non saturated fats..and used as a substitue to meat and fish where the availability is limited.
Avocado is used in salads,sandwiches , toasts, soups etc (varies from country to country) and In Morocco (Marrakesh)Avocado smoothie is a popular street food drink.They use orangle blossom water to flavour the avocado.
I have made this smoothie using orange ,avocado, milk and honey.Honestly speaking it is difficult for me to quantyify the ingredients but will give rough estimates.i just went ahead pouring things into my blender!!It is a very tasty creamy smoothie which can be a  very good breakfast smoothie option!!

I tasted the Avocado plain , the taste did not appeal so much to me and that’s when I decided to turn it into something more edible and tasty of course!!

Ingredients I used

Ripe Avocado-1(when u press the avocado ,your finger will leave a dent,that’s shows that the avocado is ripe)
Orange-1/2 of an orange(squeezed the juice like we would of a  lemon)
Honey-around 1 tbspn(adjust according to your taste)
Milk- almost 1and 1/2 cup( I used low fat milk)


Put everything in your blender and bled till smooth.Adjust consistency and sweetness.
This is definitely something I am going to make more often.
Just in 2 minutes may be even less than that you have  a nutritious healthy and beautifully coloured eye appealing  tasty smoothie!!

Nutritional Value of Avocado
Avocados have diverse fats. For a typical avocado:
About 75% of an avocado's calories come from fat, most of which is monounsaturated fat.
On a 100 g basis, avocados have 35% more potassium (485 mg) than bananas (358 mg). They are rich in B vitamins, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K.[30]
Avocados have a high fiber content of 75% insoluble and 25% soluble fiber.
High avocado intake was shown in one preliminary study to lower blood cholesterol levels.

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  1. yes it is not easily available here.. like the presentation..

  2. This sounds so delicious! I love avocados so this is definitely a must try for me! thanks! :)

  3. absolutely irresistable cliks...haven't tasted avacado yet..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  4. my kids and I loooooove avocado.. will try this soon :)

  5. LOoks yum.... never had avacado in a shake yet...

  6. what a it..first time here ...happy to follow you..

  7. Sounds super refreshing
    I have frozen avocado in the freezer this sounds like a perfect way to use it

  8. avocado is easily available in karnataka. when living in bangalore, i could easily get them. also easily available in goa. only in north india they are not available. the last pic is too good.

  9. thank u dassana.. sawsan.. pls try it and let me know if u like it:) and thanks others...your comments are my encouragement.. thank u all..

  10. thats one healthy and deliciocus smoothie..yum yum!!

  11. Thnx for stopping by Renu.. I love avocado smoothies too.. Try it with banana.. one of my filling breakfast options :o)

  12. Avacados are not regular in markets here in Kerala but we do get it sometimes. Waynad is booming with avacado agriculture. I use to get butter fruit milkshakes when I was in Bangalore. I guess it's more popularly known as Butter Fruit than Avocado.


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