Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sinh To Bo

Sinh to bo- a vietnamese avocado smoothie with condensed milk

Sinh to Bo...now what is that?Sinh to bo is a Vietnamese smoothie made from Avocado...yes Avocado again..What to do both Navin and i are stuck on them.Navin keeps buying Avocado and i keep trying different smoothies.None of the other fruits reach the blender.. yes before that they  are gone.Gone into our hungry tummies!!

We both love fruits in their original form.Avocado is one thing we readily turn into  a smoothie.This is my third Avocado smoothie recipe.And let me tell you , this is not the last.I have a few other trials in mind for avocado.So bear with me.Avocados are  packed with fat but this is the good fat that our body needs.. so indulge in it.Also they are very good antioxidants.You can view my other Avocado smoothies here- Avocado Citrus Smoothie and Avocado Fig Smoothie

 Sinh to bo is had in Vietnam as a dessert or as a mid afternoon drink.I suppose there are Sinh to corners spread across Vietnam.
Going to how i made this rich , creamy , delicious smoothie.

Sinh to bo- a vietnamese avocado smoothie with condensed milk


1 ripe avocado(butterfruit)(run a knife around the avocado,open it and take out the big pit.spoon out the pulp)
1/3rd cup sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 cup milk(milk can be increased or decreased depending on the consistency )
Ice Cubes as per need( i dont use ice cubes)

How to make it?
Blend all ingredients together and serve..Yesss.. that's it.
I enjoyed this creamy  smoothie with toasted bread.I actually dunked the bread into the smoothie and had it.. like  a small kid!!!

You may also add a a few drops of vanilla essence.

Sinh to bo- a vietnamese  smoothie with avocado

Sinh to bo- a vietnamese  smoothie

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