Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Coconut cake

coconut cake- 4 ingredient coconut cake

This coconut cake recipe is  not a new recipe but the old coconut cake  recipe with new pics and a small variation.I doubled all the ingredients except sugar.Sugar i added according to taste, which was roughly a little less than 1 and 1/2 cups.I also added  a dash of coconut essence.Since this is a  mix , pour and bake type of cake , i love it.Perfect to bake when my little Shanaya is taking her small nap.I cannot wait for the day when my little darling will be able to eat the dishes i prepare ..!!Now she is just turning 5 months, so i have some time.
Coming back to the cake, the ingredients used are such that you can  always try slight variations and may be come out with a new tasting cake every time.

This recipe is a definite keeper and i am gonna try different variations of this cake.. now going to how i made it this time.This time also i did not have self raising flour( i dont stock it in my teeny weeny kitchen)

coconut cake- mix,poand bake dessicated coconut cake

Self raising flour-2 cups
(i did not have it so i substituted with these 3 ingredients
  All purpose flour-3/4 cup,Baking powder-1 tspn,Salt-1/4 tspn)
Sugar -a little less than 1 and 1/2 cups..(taste the batter, anyway its eggless)

2 cups coconut (i used dessicated )
1 and 1/2 cup milk

coconut cake-super easy coconut cake
Perfect with your evening cup of tea/coffee!

Preheat oven to 190  C and grease a cake tin well.(will recommend a round or sqaure tin as it took a long time in my loaf tin)
Mix all the ingredients together .
Pour into prepared tin and bake till a skewer inserted into cake comes out clean.

This cake is perfect with your evening cup of tea or coffee. You can even try some frosting on this cake.. that is something i shy away from ...

coconut cake- a perfect cake as accomoaniment with your evening cuppa coffee

So enjoy this super easy , delicious cake and let me know how it was!!
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  1. Love your version of coconut cake :) i am already dreaming how great this must taste

  2. Coconut cake looks awesome, soft and moist...
    Thanks for the sharing dear, have bookmarked it will try it out soon...

  3. Omg, thats a beautiful cake, very moist and love to have a slice.

  4. Wow! It looks so delicious! I want to just grab it right now and eat it!



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