Saturday, 4 August 2012

Potato Sandwich and friendship day!!

What is sooo great about a potato sandwich ?Well nothing for others but for me potato sandwich  brings back special memories.. memories of school , of my friends in school and  particularly the lunch time in school when we used to be very interested in ' what's there in  our friend's lunchbox'..
This friend of mine had tried my Kladdkaka recipe and that got us chatting and then later she updated her blog and put that on her status. That's when i knew she had a food blog!I remembered the potato sandwiches she used to bring for lunch and asked her how her mom used to make it.She was surprised that i even remembered those. Well, that is the only thing i remember from anybody's lunchbox in school!! She immediately called her mother .. gave me  the recipe and later posted it on her blog too.You can check it out here.
August 5th being friendship day , i had to  blog about this.

Wishing everyone  a  Happy Friendship Day!! :)

Potato Sandwich

I had these potato sandwiches where i made a more veggie version for N

Vegetable Sandwich

Something else i would like to share with you all

Yesterday  my friend Poornima told me through facebook that one my pics from my Manga Kaalan post  had been published  in a well known Malayalam Magazine.At first my thought was " my pic in that magazine?" and then she said that there was no " image courtesy given"...that was not fair... they had used my blog pic alongside somebody else's recipe!!! I did send a mail to them telling them that they had lifted the pic from my food blog and  did not even give the credit and showed it off easily as their own image. Such an act of plagiarism is not fair from a reputed, well known and leading magazine like them... for the malayalee bloggers who may have access.. Its on page 56 ,mampazha kaalan recipe in theGrihalakshmi  Magazine ,August,with Shwetha Menon on the cover)

I had used picasa to put my blog name on the pic.. but now i will have to make sure that it is more visible!! I will definitely be more careful.

I have to admit though that there is a happiness in me that my pic was featured in a magazine( despite being rejected by foodgawker.. :) )but sadly no credit for me!!!

Going to  how i made the potato sandwiches

I made a ginger garlic green chilli paste with a little olive oil..(my friend used only garlic and green chilli)
I thinly sliced the potato in rounds and deep fried them.Put it on absorbent towel and tossed them in pepper and salt.
I spread the paste on the bread,arranged the potatoes, sprinkled a little dhania and topped with another bread which was spread with the paste.
For N i used tomatoes, cucumber, onion and potato.
Next time  i will also try cheese spread.
I just simply loved these sandwiches.. Great option for kids and for the lunchbox:) that goes without telling as the story itself starts there!!!

Potato Sandwich


  1. Yummy, feel like grabbing one right now

  2. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY :) good to hear that your photos wear published.. nothing is safe here.. did they send any reply to you????

  3. Yummy lovely sandwich..Love to grab those.

  4. thank u all..
    @preeti,thanks and same too u .. they have not replied.. not expecting either!!

  5. Happy Friendship Day! May we get to make more good memories :)

  6. yummy attractive sandwitch
    happy friendship

  7. Sandwich looks yum and Happy Friendship Day..:)) First time here and enjoyed browsing around..:))
    Happy blogging..

  8. Hi Renu! i always get potato and chutney sandwich when we got to haji ali juice centre in karama. and the wifey looks at me funny. but the deep fried version sounds better! it reminds me of the 'tuk' that you eat with Sindhi kadi and rice.


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